Intermittent Fasting: Review of the Latest Diet Trend

A new diet called the 4:3 diet has reignited the debate about the effectiveness of intermittent fasting.  To review, intermittent fasting means eating a certain amount of calories during a set period of time, and then not eating anything the rest of the time.  For example, with the 4:3 diet, you fast every other day – eating normally for four days a week and fasting for three.

Interestingly, the British Nutrition Foundation has reported that fasting diets, especially intermittent fasting diets, appeal to men more so than women.  While the effectiveness of these diets has been called into question, any diet or eating plan that appeals to men deserves a more detailed look; especially considering the recent dramatic increase in obesity, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome among men aged 25-50.

Like any diet, intermittent fasting has reported benefits and drawbacks.  Some health benefits may include weight loss, lower blood sugar and improved blood pressure levels.  On the other hand, drawbacks for some may include the tendency to over-eat on non-fasting days – negating any benefits achieved while fasting.  People may also opt to eat junk food on non-fasting days, leading to poor eating habits and weight gain.

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Like any diet or eating plan, intermittent fasting is most beneficial when customized for each individual.

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